Bama’s 5 Best Breweries

So here in Alabama we’d like to think that we have some the best beer that you can find in the nation right now, basically because we do! In 2012 and 2013 the state of Alabama opened up more breweries than any other state in the nation. 

This may or may not of had something to do with the Alabama brewing laws drastically changing, making home brewing legal.

So I have created a google map for you guys who are interested in finding some of the best craft beer that this state and country has to offer.

In the orange and blue are the breweries that made Southern Living’s list of the best breweries in the state and in the white are the ones that I deemed fit to serve as honorable mentions.

When you click on each orange and blue dot you will find the name of the brewery and a description of what the brewery has to offer or a unique fact about it.

I have found that being able to make these maps is extremely useful and looks wonderful when trying to present information about a certain place or grouped information.

So anyway now that my pitch for Google Maps Engine Lite is out of the way lets talk breweries.

Number 5 on the list was a place called Straight to Ale brewing, which, as you can see on the map, is located in Huntsville, Alabama. I personally have not had the opportunity to enjoy one of their fine ales but I hope to in the very near future. These brewers clearly enjoy their work and the creative process by coming up with incredible names like “Monkeynaut IPA” and the “He Ain’t Heffe” Heffefeizen. These guys are open 7 days a week and a great relationship with their local food trucks so you don’t have to worry about getting the “greasies” and having nothing to eat. (The “greasies” is the kind of hungry you get when you drink a lot of alcohol, much like the closely related “Munchies” but Im sure you see the difference here.)

Number Cuatro on this list of liquid lust producers is Blue Pants Brewer. This sucker is located just a few miles away from number 5, just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. These guys have a fantastic concept of artwork that they stick to really well and I really think that you all should check them out. They have an amazing coffee stout and a BLACK IPA which is exceedingly rare.

Number 3 on the list is Back Forty Brewing located in Gadsden, Alabama. I really enjoy this brewery because these guys choose to use local ingredients in their beer. They use local honey, oats and grains and really awesome about supporting their local economy. These guys now distribute 6 beers with two new ones in the line up, the Fence Post Session Ale and the Paw Paw’s Peach Wheat. They also produce one of my favorite porters which is called the Kudzu Porter.

The first runner up on the list was Good People Brewing. Good People is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is located directly across from the Baron’s stadium. They have a wide selection and their Snakehandler Double IPA was voted best beer in Alabama last year. Alabamians absolutely love this brewery. I think it is an awesome organization with a schtick.

Now for the moment you and I have all been waiting for! The number one brewery on the list is Avondale Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama. I could not agree more. I. Love. This. Brewery. I love the theme, I love the beer, I  love the atmosphere, I even love the artwork on the bottles. They have a wide selection of seasonals and a wide selection of anytime beers, and I have yet to find one that disappoints. From their Spring Street Saison to their Vanillaphant Porter, this place has it all.

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